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Multiple region perch_content_custom


I'm not sure what's wrong with this:

on page:

perch_content_custom(array('Search options', 'Front page text'), array(

Then on output, common_search.html:

   <li data="<perch:content id="from_options" type="text"/>"><perch:content id="from_text" type="text" /></li>

The output for some reason is on two lines:

<li data="From search options region"></li>
<li>From text region</li>

Why does it split into two <li>, rather then:

<li data="From search options region">From text region</li>
Karri Karttunen

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  • 7 years ago
Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

This tag is not well formed

<perch:content id=from_options" type="text"/>

Hi, Drew.

This is just an example, I tried to simplify as much as possible. The real markup doesn't have this typo. I'm still not getting this to work. It always starts a new <li> elements.

If I print them straight as a text the id="from_text" has a space in front.

Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

Can we see your actual code then, it's hard to help if we can't see the real code that isn't working.

Ok got it working a little differently.

I tried to get a list of pages with links and data-attributes for Javascript ajax sorting.

What I ended up using was modified navigation template. I added the properties as perch:pages attributes.

Only inconvinience is that necessary options are now in page details and not as template region. But that's ok. Perch_pages_navigation array didn't put the linebreak in the markup.