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Have the files been released for this yet? It would be great if I can get a copy

I have not heard anything else from Montgomery Lewis yet unfortunately.

Sorry, guys!

I have put us a set of files that allows you to add perch events data to FullCallendar. It provides support for recurring events (using the content app), multi-day events and event duration. ( You can get them here:

Regards, Monty

Thanks for posting this Montgomery Lewis...

When try to post a recurring event I'm getting white screen when i click save when it goes to addons/apps/perch_events/edit/ page

p.s in the folder with the file in theres a type-o, you put "layouts"

any and all help is very much appreciated.

Hi Stephen, I just added these files to a new site by following the instructions in the read me file and I can enter a repeating event correctly... I wonder what is happening for you?

-- Monty


Ok this is what i have done step by step...

Downloaded the files.

Added "add files in add to perch templates/content" -to- perch/templates/content Added "add files in add to perch templates/layoiuts" -to- perch/templates/layouts Added "add files in add to perch templates/events" -to- perch/addons/perch/events/templates/events

Then I added calendar.php and event.php to my root folder

I went to (blank page)

Then into the admin/events/add event and I can see all the new fields including the start and finish date... I fill out name, start date, date range = Show date range and finally an end date, click save... New event is not created in the list...

If i've not does anything wrong let me know and i'll try it on a completely fresh install.

did you go to the Calendar page in admin>pages and add a repeating event?

Ok I thought i had it all working, but it seems not... It only shows the start date on the calendar: https://www.url removed Screen grab of admin: https://www. URL removed

Any ideas?

Can you check line 6 of the /templates/content/_fullcalendar-output.html?

The perch:if statement should read:

<perch:if id="allday" match="eq" value="true">


<perch:before> { events: [ </perch:before> { id: '<perch:content id="eventID"/>', title: '<perch:content id="eventTitle" replace="’|,'|,@|at,’|,”|,“|,‘|"/>', start: '<perch:content id="eventDateTime" format="c" />', <perch:if id="allday" match="eq" value="true">end: '<perch:content id="dtend" />T06:00:00'<perch:else /><perch:if exists="program_duration">end: '<perch:content id="endtime" />'<perch:else />duration: '2'</perch:if></perch:if>, url: '/event.php?s=<perch:content id="eventSlug" />', tooltip: '<perch:content id="eventTitle" replace="’|,'|,@|at,’|,”|,“|,‘|"/>.<perch:if exists="audience">\nAudience: <perch:content id="audience" replace="’|,'|,@|at,’|,”|,“|,‘|" /></perch:if> \nClick for more information.' }<perch:if exists="perch_item_last"><perch:else />,</perch:if> <perch:after> ], className:'event' } </perch:after>

line 26 of templates/layouts/global.footer.scripts.calendar.php should be:

        if ($varray1[$key1]['show_date_range'] != "Show date range") {

(I had fixed a couple issues about 20 minutes after the initial upload of the files... In this case, I think the fix was changing to lower case 'date range')

I've made the change but its not made a difference

I've tried

 if ($varray1[$key1]['show_date_range'] != "Show date range") {


 if ($varray1[$key1]['show_date_range'] != "show date range") {

should be the first. can you grab the files and try again? sorry.

@Montgomery, Did you see my pull request on Github? I made changes to timezone to be inline with Perch Config settings.


oh, cool! Thanks! I'm new to using GitHub, but I think I merged your changes in. Awesome!

Montgomery Lewis said:

oh, cool! Thanks! I'm new to using GitHub, but I think I merged your changes in. Awesome!

Yep. Looks good. :)

I've downloaded the new amended code and it still didn't work at first... Then while playing around in desperation I put 500 in the duration field and the booking spread over multiple dates, then I removed the 500 hour duration and since then its worked fine.

Thanks so much for this Montgomery & Robert...

Cool, good luck with it. And Villa Prati looks lovely!

Does anyone have a neat solution for this now? I need to display a simple listing (but with multiple day events) like this website for example:

I'm thinking Montgomery Lewis's solution is only for a calendar, not a list?

Open to solutions not using the Perch events plugin also.



^ This. Would love the updated Events app so badly.